The truly complicated part of menopausal weight gain is how the fight never truly ends. Of all symptoms, it is not only the most visible one, but also the one that can amount to the biggest, deepest health repercussions. As we age, our metabolism will slow down, and this is in some way unavoidable – which is why it’s been so important to build new healthy and sustainable eating habits and to find the right supplement. That being said, there is no reason to go through life feeling constantly deprived of all our favorite foods – there’s the occasional indulgence we can allow ourselves, and there’s so many ways to make them healthier!

I was always a great lover of Italian and Indian food – which is why I’m always featuring Mediterranean-inspired or curry-flavored recipes in this blog. Of course, sometimes I must have my spaghetti with meatballs and nothing will replace it! I had sort of given up on it, as most low-fat versions of this classic are either too bland or dry – or not low-fat enough – while the “diet-friendly” frozen dinner versions taste too much like cardboard and too little like real food.

However, last night I decided to grant myself the treat and chose to follow this recipe of baked turkey meatballs with pasta, which I got via one of the many healthy eating newsletters I subscribe to. The result was amazing.

The key to good, juicy, flavor filled meatballs is the right proportion of ingredients. This recipe successfully replaces the nasty unhealthy fats of fried beef with some cheese and bit less breadcrumbs than classic meatballs, and yields 18 juicy little balls. They have all the flavor they could possibly need, but only half the grams of fat!


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