Why this blog?

Transitioning through menopause is a complicated time in any woman’s life, with all the different hormones fluctuating and hitting pretty much every part of your body. Since we can all use some guidance when crossing these dark waters, I’ve created this blog to give you recipes, diet tips, and general advice to help you overcome the different menopausal symptoms through natural means, such as home remedies and healthy, wholesome food.

I firmly believe that true healing can only come from within. Of course, first we need to educate ourselves about our bodies and how they actually work – after all, my high school health classes were decades ago, and science has discovered many new things ever since.

This is how we now know that all those confusing, different symptoms are all really about menopause, and more importantly, that it’s not an actual disease but rather just a bumpy section of the road, where we need to be extra careful about car maintenance.

Menopause Basics

The most common parts of menopause are probably hot flashes, mood swings, and weight gain – pretty much all women experience at least one of these. There’s also a lot of other less visible annoyances that can be blamed on hormones too, like dry skin, constipation issues, or that weird tender feeling in the breasts – kind of like PMS, except the whole month. Then of course there are a few complications that we must prevent, like developing depression, heart disease, or even osteoporosis.

These days there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of solutions for these symptoms, both natural and pharmaceutical. HRT is easy enough to get a prescription for, but only if you’re willing to look beyond the scary side effect list, the risks it comes with – and the price tag!

The bright side is, the small symptoms can be treated and they all go away in time, and the serious ones can be prevented just by making sure we treat our bodies right. So I’ll be posting diet tips that have helped me stay on the health track, plus recipes that can add to our overall health and also tackle some specific symptoms.


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